The Bride

Hi beauties! It's been a while since I've been really busy with the practical work in my bridal company where I working right now. Pre-weddings, Wedding days, and the other routines, it's kinda tiring yet i have so much fun. I learned a lot by keep doing it over and over. Yes, practice makes perfect :)

So here, I'm back to share a little bit about my one and only older sister's wedding day which is held on May 30' 15. *I know it's a late post, pardon me :p For every brides in the world must be want the best look for her wedding day from head to toe. She wants the best gown, the best shoes, the best hair and the best makeup. She must be really pay attention to every single details. No wonder, wedding day is only once in a life time and it would be the best day of her life that won't just passed by then. She wants be the prettiest in the ball for she is the queen. In this very moment, my sister was really gave me a trust to do her makeup and hair on her wedding day. And of course, I was preparing the best for her. Here you go my new babes; Make Up Forever HD Foundation & Make Up Forever Compact Powder Pro Finish.

It's always exciting to try a new cosmetics that I just bought. So yeah, this is my first time applying international cosmetic brand. And I've been really satisfied with the result. This one is liquid foundation, the texture is really smooth, gives a flawless look, it's light but cover up the pores well, gives a healthy glowing skin look, and what I like from this product, it's long lasting. You know, morning makeup for the bride usually done in the early morning and the reception in the evening. It means, the makeup must be stay on her face one day long. And this Make Up Forever HD Foundation did it's job very well on my sister's wedding. It was stayed bright 'til the evening even though her face got oily and she was sweating. The Make Up Forever Compact Powder Pro Finish is also definitely supporting all my touch. It's absolutely a pro finish. The texture is also smooth and it blended well to the foundation. It gives natural and perfect coverage to the skin. Now i can say, the high price is worth the quality.

Let's take a look to the process of my sis becoming a bride.. *Pardon my bare face 'cause you know it was a really really hectic day!

Before Makeup

Morning look (with the bridesmaids)
------ Holy Matrimony Makeup ------

Evening look
------ Wedding Reception Makeup ------

Cheers for the new bride! :D (me with my brothers in law and the bridesmaids)

Here the new Mr. & Mrs.
Congratulations! So happy for you both :D

Hey, you guys can also call me if you wanna have some touch of makeup for any occasions ;)
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Thanks for reading everyone! See you on my next post ˆ)づ♡