Garnier Sakura White - Day Cream [Review]

Hello again beauties! It’s been a while I don’t have any recent post, because I was looking for a good thing I could share with you guys. So here, I want to share about my one of daily routine face care. This product must be really familiar with you guys, because sure you can find it in any drug store or supermarket even mini market. And also you can see it’s advertising everywhere. Yes, this local brand has been so famous in Indonesia. I guess the length of their existence alone makes them a brand that is trustworthy to us. Like for me, I’ve been using it’s face wash and another version of it’s daily cream long before.

The first time I was think to grabbed this one just because I need any day cream to helps protecting my face skin from UV radiation and air pollution directly during my outdoor activities and also for a base cream before using cosmetics. I was read this product gives you pinkish radiance with SPF21 and I thought maybe this one is okay. The packaging is also simple and light yet eye catching (it has proven when I first saw it). But I never guess before, that the product I was only randomly grabbed out from the mini market gives me impressing benefits and it really works properly for my face skin. For those of you seeking for a natural healthy glowing skin should definitely give this one a try.

I have applied this Garnier Sakura White Day Cream for about 2 months and I’ve been postponing for a while to write this review because I want to see a certain result of this product. And now, I’m sure to share a different since I applied this product than before. It doesn’t only protecting my skin from UVA & UVB. My face looks brighter and somehow it’s really giving a pinkish radiance on my face, helps to fade the dark spots, refine smoothen pores and definitely moisturizing.

I always prefer for my skincare which natural and light because when you are about to put something and let them stay in your face for a long time, of course you don’t want any harsh, unfriendly chemicals involved which causing a change too drastic that the safety of it shall be questioned. Many products have already came out promising to “whiten” your face and I’ve already heard many inputs from everywhere including doctors said that something which is whitening could bring bad impacts for a long term health. But what I love about this product is, it doesn’t “whiten” your skin, which only make a contrast look between your face skin tone and your neck. I just don’t want to look like dumping tons of flour on my face. Therefore, it gives you a natural bright skin with pinkish hue and the fragrance is also smells really good.

Just as you can see from the picture above, the different when I applied this to my palm skin, the left one looks brighter than the right and it’s literally give a pinkish radiance.

Every girl in the world must be yearned for a beautiful skin. We can always achieve such look with makeup of course, but to be satisfied if that beauty comes from our own skin that what really makes us feel good.

What I don’t like from this product is just make my skin a bit oily by the time, maybe because it’s moisturizer. But overall, this product has been satisfying for me. For the price is also really affordable.

Have you guys tried Garnier’s product before? That’s all about my personal review. Maybe it could be your reference to take care of your face skin. See you on the next post!


  1. whats the best product you can suggest to have a tan-er skin? I dont want to make my face whiter but tan-er :D

    your friend

    1. Haha your skin is okay tho, why wanna tan it more? Just take care of your current skin. Make sure to keep it healthy. Using face cleanser and cream which is suit properly to your skin. But so far, i haven' t heard about skin tanner products. So sorry can't help hehe