Learn How To Scrapbooking

First of all, I want to introduce you guys about scrapbook for those of you whose don’t know or even heard about scrapbook yet. Scrapbook is something that contains photo, printed media and artworks, which is the way to keep the memories alive. Scrapbooking can be done so many ways. You can use beautiful colored paper, stickers, drawings, photos, and so many other supplies. Scrapbooking is like a visual diary, capturing all your creativity, thoughts, and feelings and memories in a little artwork. Since our costumers asked me many times to teach them making scrapbook or even just to come and seeing the process how to scrapbook-ing but we’re so sorry, we can’t let you guys, because we are only serve you online and we have no any outlet. But here’s we have an exciting news for you guyssss! :D I’ve decided to make this simple tutorial how to make scrapbook. In this tutorial, I just show you the general idea of making scrapbook, but you can create your own as creative as you can..
First thing, we must to imagine what concept that we will pour over. Here I choose Doraemon theme as a Birthday Scrapbook. Who loves Doraemon? A cute blue cat robot as well known comes from cartoon film in Japan. For you guys Doraemon lovers, I can make sure that you will love this Scrapbook :D

So here we start,

#1. Prepare all the tools. The essentials that we need are: Pencil, eraser, cutter, glue, cutter board, scissors. And as the additional, prepare pop up double-tape, scrap paper (you can also use wrapping paper), and accessories like ribbon, lace, rope, button, or anything else.

#2. Pick up a display type idea. It could be on frame, book, calendar, bottle or many others! Here I choose this white box frame size 20x25x2cm.

#3. Print the photos and the theme ornaments that you want to display on glossy photo paper.

#4. Cut them all according to their shape, and put pop up double-tape behind them.

#5. Draw the pattern for the template. Here I make clouds for the template. Add the white border on the blue clouds, so the shape of clouds will be more seen.

#6. Put pop up double-tape behind the clouds. Double it for the top clouds, it'll give dimension look.

#7. Put the clouds on frame board at the top and below. Manage the positions to make the pattern seen well.

#8. Put the Doraemon ornaments on everywhere you like. No rules for managing the positions just use your own creativity.

#9. Here I put ribbon on each photos + text and then put a strand of silver rope. Don’t forget to put pop up double-tape behind.

#10. Manage the position of the photos and texts, and here I make the photos looks hanging on the clouds.

#11. The last, go frame it and there you finished :D

This will be a perfect gift for your beloved on every moment! :D
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Thanks for reading this tutorial, hope it helps and see you on the next post! Cheers :D


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