Be Classy With Black and Red

This outfit I wore while attending Traffique Fest 2014 at Mall @Alam Sutra on November 28th’ 2014. I was only intended to sending full support for my dearest friend Olivia Fabrianne on finale OOTD Competition presented by this fashion & food festival. And turns out wow, this event was really so much fun :D

Okay, maybe it’s kinda late but i want to share a little bit about this event. The idea of this event is Pop Up Market with the Retro and Christmas theme, which is held on November 28-30th ‘2014. One of the sponsorship is Indovidgram, which is well known as group of Instagram video maker. In this festival, we saw that so many young entrepreneurs joined and cooperated presenting their products and brands. I was looking around the booth and finding they all are truly innovative and creative. Yessss, it’s time for young generation to show our head up! :D

-------- Bag: Guess -------- Braided Necklace: Thrift Shop --------

So, back to my outfit.. I wore black tank top, and tight black skirt with red squares blazer. And black casual ‘pantofel’ shoes to give a vintage touch.
To be honest, I’m rarely to buy clothes instead of my friends said that I have a lot of clothes. So here I’m telling you, my outfits that I wear daily are also come from my mom’s and my sister’s due to most of our size are almost the same from top, pants, skirt, shoes, bag until accessories, me, my mom and my sister often to change over each other :p And the sad thing about this, my sister will getting married presently. I don’t know what to do about this I’m going to miss my half clothes away :( *okay, I’m not that real sad haha.
My mom is also a collector of the old clothes. She tends to keep her clothes from era to era. Because she believes that fashion is spinning. What’s trend on 60’s would become trend again on this era. And that’s true! Now fashion is back to vintage. It’s really exciting to explore her closet. I can find so many vintage styles in her closet like finding a hidden treasure :D Like this red squares blazer and the ‘pantofel’ shoes are my mom’s from the unknown era and the unknown place where she bought them. In my opinion, to be fashionable isn’t always about nonstop shopping clothes or buying branded stuffs. What we need are being creative to mix and match and being confident with what we wear. Attitude does matter :)

Happy exploring guys! Hope this inspire you to be creative and unique. See you guys on the next post!



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