Lentique Professional Lashes Review

Fake eyelashes is one of the most important thing to applied when girls doing makeup. Especially for special occasions like party or any events, we need to make our eyes looks more firm and lashes.

So here, I want to introduce you about my current fake eyelashes. Lentique .. sounds a bit cheesy? haha well, don’t judge the product by their name. This one has a good quality of fake eyelashes. It’s originally made in Indonesia. Has a slight yet long lasting texture. You can use this for 4-5 times reusable. Many of girls refuse to apply fake eyelashes because it makes their eyes feels heavy and sleepy as well :D especially for some girls whose unaccustomed to do makeup. But don’t worry girls, you can choose this one without feels heavy on your eyes.


This type looks more neutral but still tapering, it fits for day look. The distantly strands make it looks like your real eyelashes.

This type is thicker cause the strands are denser than the type before. It makes your eyes looks bigger and more dramatic, fits for night look.

You can find this Lentique Professional Lashes at Pasar Baru and the price is Rp. 7000,-/pairs.

Here I want to share some tips of applying fake eyelashes:
1. Apply it before the foundation and eyeshadow. It’ll help your fake eyelashes stick properly to your eyelid.
2. Curl your real eyelashes first
3. Put it tightly meeting to your real eyelashes
4. Apply mascara to unite your real eyelashes with the fake one. Apply it from under real eyelashes
5. You can double the thick one on the bottom and the longer one on the above to make a firmer look, when doing photo shoot
6. Apply black pencil eyeliner under your real eyelashes to make a perfect look

Thank you readers, hopefully it helps ^^


  1. Never heard of this brand before, but it's very affordable! I think Lentique is a catchy name for false lashes :D


    1. Thank you for reading and the nice comment :)