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My name is Jecholiah Vicky. Born in 19 February 1995, I am a Make Up Artist, beauty and art enthusiast living in Jakarta, Indonesia.


I started blogging in 2014, during the times when i was running on my career in make-up after finished my private make-up course (Bridal specialization), certificated by Mark Thoni Make Up School about 2 years before. So, the teacher is actually my friend's bro who's already studied make-up in many many places, there are; Martha Tilaar, Rudi Hadisuwarno, Peter F. Saerang, Johnny Andrean, and he also went study abroad to Taiwan and America to improve his skill. If i can say, the type of his touch is already mixed up and i think he's really talented, so i choose him to be my teacher. Why i didn't get some course in any famous parlor? Well, my answer is, make-up is an art. All we need to learn if we start from zero are only tools introduction and it's application to the face. The rest of it, go practice more and explore your creativity. So, studying in a famous parlor is not a must to be expert.

In this blog, you can find my portfolio, my make-up tips, some beauty tutorials, and products review. And also i share moments that are happening around me every day, mostly are relating to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

To all my dear readers, hope you enjoy reading, be inspired and find it helpful. Cheers! :)


For Make-Up and general inquiries contact:
Mobile: 081806196501
Email: jecholiah.vicky@gmail.com


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